Construction Monitoring

Once the design and regulatory approvals transition into the construction phase, you want assurance that your project is progressing appropriately.  With regular jobsite inspections, we review the inplace work, track the overall development, outline upcoming scheduled milestones, and discuss potential problems.  We provide peace of mind, ensuring that the funds being released correlate to actual work completed.  Let us be your eyes and ears at the construction site and compile a single PDF report to include the following:

  • Synopsis of current pay application
  • Narrative summarizing work completed over the past period
  • Amount, description, and condition of stored materials
  • Review of current change orders
  • Discussions about upcoming/anticipated change orders
  • Comparison chart with actual progress vs. forecasted work schedule
  • Construction summary breakdown
  • Independent assessment of each construction line item
  • Representative photos with descriptions
  • Budget adjustments
  • Assessment of offsite stored materials or deposits
  • Backup documentation as required